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Ninebark HealthMate subscribers receive:

Ninebark HealthMate monitored computers have:

HealthMate Services Desktop Laptop Server
Check RAID drives (software raid in Disk Utility – if configured) Y Y Y
Check the Apple RAID Card (hardware – if installed) Y
Check the Billings Pro Server for errors (if installed) Y Y
Check that the Monitoring Client updates Y Y Y
Check the Crashplan Server for errors (if installed) Y Y
Check the Daylite Server for errors (if installed) Y Y
Check the Laptop Battery for consistency/longevity Y
Check the Hard Drive Capacity (main hard drive) Y Y Y
Check the SoftRAID Volumes (if installed) Y Y Y
Check the Specified Volumes (other connected hard drives) Y Y Y
Report Carbon Copy Cloner errors (if installed) Y Y Y
Report the Monitoring Client status Y Y Y
Report any Disk errors (I/O) Y Y Y
Report the # of kernel panics (bad OS X crashes) Y Y Y
Report POST (hardware) errors Y Y Y
Report RAM (hardware) errors Y Y Y
Report SMART (disk) errors Y Y Y
Report that Time Machine backups are working Y Y Y
Report any malware found Y Y Y

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2 Monitoring and Support
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Ninebark HealthMate
Active monitoring for impending failure for each computer with Ninebark HealthMate.
Ninebark HealthMate for Mac Servers
Active monitoring, maintenance updates & manual verification of backup systems.
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(4 hours per month minimum)
1/3 off the standard hourly rate.
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